Testimonials: Leeds – West Yorkshire

Plastering Courses Leeds testimonials and surrounding areas

” Just finished the four day basic plastering course.  The course is excellent, the small class sizes mean that the tutor can spend a lot of time with each pupil . Hes always by your side ready to help with any questions you may have. I have come away more than capable to plaster walls and ceilings to a very good standard. Thanks”

Matt Mellor


” Having looked at many different plastering courses on-line I decided to book with C S Plastering School without doubt the best decision I could have made, excellent course content provided by the tutor who is the best teacher I could have asked for, happy to answer any questions regardless of how daft it may have been. Learnt many techniques and built up my confidence to a point where I can go and plaster my own home, would recommend to anyone.”

Iain Nicholls

Wakefield West Yorkshire

“I have just completed the plastering course with C S Plastering School , the instructor was a great teacher always helpful, he was always there to back you up if you needed help, gave me confidence. The school itself is a great set up , there was always something different every day. Anyone wanting to start plastering this is teh place to go and learn. They give you 100% backup. I will be coming back to do the next course, I cant wait. ”

Ryan Oxendale


” I had no experience in plastering but in just 4 days I can plaster, board , skim & repair. All thanks to the instructor and his course , he his an excellent teacher with the best tips and advice and really polite. I recommend everyone who is interested in learning plastering to jump at this course.”

Mohammed Arfon


” Plastering is an art. You’ve heard the phrase no doubt well art can be taught and it is on this plastering course. Good course, good instructor, easy to find, free parking, can you plaster , yes you can.”

John Dean

Leeds West Yorkshire

” Took the C S Plastering course in order to learn the skills required, to plaster the interior of my own home. Plastering is  a skilled craft and through this excellent tutorship of The instructor I have gained the skills and confidence to be able to go ahead with my project. Super course and teacher.

Matt Nettle


” From Advanced property Services Altofts, I came on the four day beginners course with basic wall patching experience, never having plasterers a full wall or ceiling. I got disillusioned paying our plasterer £160 per day to do average jobs. From a basically clueless start on Monday morning and a distinct lack of plastering, self confidence, I am now very confident of tackling most if not all types of plastering jobs. The course is delivered in a very informative ad practical way. It is a no pressure and friendly environment it has taken the taboo out of plastering for me and I look forward to the advanced course. Highly recommended.”

Dave Sharpe

Wakefield West Yorkshire

” 5 Star, great course , perfect for beginners , the instructor is a patient and helpful I can now plaster.”

James Caiger


“The instructor has been very helpful and friendly throughout the week, his informative teaching techniques are perfect for learning the art of plastering. I feel that the skills that I have learnt will supplement my trade when it comes to filling in channels and making good , Thanks.”


Leeds West Yorkshire

” Started the four day beginners plastering course never even touched a trowel before , now I feel like I can plaster to a good standard. Course is nice and laid back and you get excellent one on one training as teh groups are only small. Would 100% recommend if your looking to learn how to plaster. ”



” Very friendly, relaxed four days plastering course. No experience needed recommend to my wife the kids and every family member. ”

Richard Smith

Leeds West Yorkshire

” Really enjoyable learnt way more than I thought I could, Cheers top teacher.”

Chris H


” As an absolute novice I was a little apprehensive about undertaking a plastering course. However I have found the course to be very beneficial and now feel confident to tackle the plastering work to be undertaken in my new home, the tutor was very friendly, helpful and approachable I would defiantly recommend this course to anyone.”

Jennifer Bingham

Wakefield West Yorkshire

” Brilliant plastering course. Lots of useful information and could answer any plastering questions asked , Highly recommended.”

Karen Marsden

West Yorkshire

” On the first day of the plastering course I had no idea at all what I was doing and by the last day I felt confident that I would be able to plaster when I wanted to . That all down to the instructor and his brilliant teaching.. ”

James Roberts

Leeds West Yorkshire

“Loved the course never believed a few days could get me believing that I could do this work, should have done it years ago. The instructor showed us teh way to work, gave us confidence, brilliant.”

Russel Davies

Allerton Bywater

“Fantastic plastering courses, this will help me immensely in the house refurb. Two weeks ago , plastering was witchcraft- now I can do it.”

David Shields

Wakefield West Yorkshire

Really enjoyed the course and surprised how quickly I became confident in plastering, the instructor is excellent I recommend the plastering course to anyone wanting to learn.”

Andrew Bentley


“Eddie from Headingley (48yrs), I had no experience of plastering, amateur and thought I would not be able to get it right I was concerned about the pace and my ability to keep up. All though my concerns were unfounded, the instructor had a very welcoming demur and taught in a very comfortable friendly atmosphere. I thought four days would not be enough to achieve an almost perfect finish, I am amazed at how much the instructor was able to teach me and I’m plastering walls that I am more than happy with, Thank you very much.”

Eddie Scott

Leeds West Yorkshire

” This is a fantastic plastering course for anyone looking to start taking up plastering . The content of the course are well thought out and the instructor is patient and knowledgeable. I really enjoyed the four days.”

James Spurr


” Good course helpful tips, wish I’d learnt this 18 years ago.”

Stuart Dutfield


“Would highly recommend this plastering course prior to this course I didnt even know what plasterboard was used for now I feel comfortable attaching it to walls and ceilings, applying backing coats,skimming and much more.”

Jonathan Dewhurst

Bradford West Yorkshire

” Excellent. Learnt all the skills I need for my home renovations definitely worth going if you want friendly competent teaching 10/10.”

Alison Hallas


” Never plastered before in my life, feel 100% confident I can plaster my house now, really enjoyed the course very good teacher, would recommend to anyone, money worth spent.”

Andrew Webb


” I found the plastering course very informative, took me from a complete novice, to a level that I would be more than happy to tackle most jobs, keep up the good work, well done.”

Dave Walker


” I’m new to plastering and the instructor coached me through each and every step. I would definitely recommend this plastering course to others.”

M Khan

Wakefield West Yorkshire

” Started the four day course with little experience the instructor gives clear instructions and extra help, advice and demonstrations if required. Had a great four days learning a new skill.”

Guy Bradshaw


” This was the ideal course for a complete beginner like me who has never put plaster to trowel before, from introducing the very basics to giving us tips and pointers throughout the course, moved at a good pace and it was great to have someone on hand with the experience to show you how to get things right. All in all this was a real confidence booster and I feel like I’ve started learning a good life skill. Thanks ”



” I have now completed both plastering courses under C S Plastering School and feel it has given me a great start to go an start my plastering career . Would highly recommend anyone wanting to do the same . ”

Lewis Ward

Huddersfield West Yorkshire

” Brilliant plastering course , Stew gives really easy to follow instructions and makes the whole plastering process simple. A really enjoyable worth while course and I cannot wait to get started with my project. ”

Ben Butler

Wakefield West Yorkshire

” Brilliant plastering course , I came with no knowledge and have learnt to plaster both walls and ceilings and feel confident to give it a try at home , the instructor is a patient teacher and goes through everything step by step. ”

Merisa Schofield

West Yorkshire

“Very well run four day plastering course, had limited plastering skills but the beginners course was demonstrated at a speed all can understand. I know feel comfortable with plastering both walls and ceilings, patching, plaster boarding,undercoating, the instructor is a great bloke and teacher,Thank you Del”

Del Tonks

Wakefield West Yorkshire

” Great plastering course. I had never attempted something like this before and now I have the confidence to do all the plastering that needs doing in my house . The instructor is very patient and has a friendly and straight forward approach, highly recommended.”

Vanda McGreevy


” Was looking to learn at new skill and C S Plastering School was a fantastic help with that, tailoring the course to everyone’s needs , it was easy and Stu was a great help will definitely be using them again for the advanced course. If you think that plastering is too hard a skill to learn think again its simple to get a professional finish in the four days, Thank you .”

Jonathan Hookham


“A very good plastering course very informative and thorough, NO BULL.”

Neil Hutchinson

Huddersfield West Yorkshire

” I have thoroughly enjoyed the plastering course. A complete beginner and now I feel I can take on bigger projects with lots of detail to a very good standard , I couldn’t believe how good of a finish I ended up with. Instructor very approachable and friendly, definitely recommend this course to anyone either starting a business or DIY. ”

Dave Atkinson


“The plastering course has helped me from knowing nothing about plastering to knowing alot. The way its taught helped me learn fast but essentially helped me learn hoe to apply quality plaster, plasterboard and all the other skills I needed to complete a job! Enjoyable and well worth doing.”

Dan aged 19

Swillington West Yorkshire

“Would definitely recommend this plastering course to anyone, very good instructor, so easily to learn off the instructor techniques shown by him, very good targets set throughout the course which are achievable by the end. You are taken through every aspect you need to know to perform plastering around your house or start a profession in the trade,Thanks.”

Chris Lynch

Keighley West Yorkshire

” This has been a fantastic course! I decided to learn so I could plaster my own house- this course has been great for teaching me how and how to achieve an excellent finish, a great instructor, very clear and doesn’t mind answering any questions. Very enjoyable and educational. Thank you!”

Sam Elliott

Leeds West Yorkshire

” I would just like to say thank you for learning me to plaster. I was a complete novice and after four days now have the skills to plaster, a big thank you to the instructor for all your help I now feel confident to plaster on my own.”

Kevin Illingworth

Leeds West Yorkshire

” I attended the four day plastering course run by C S Plastering School in October 2014 this is an excellent plastering course for beginners and people who just need to refresh their skills. I found working in the small group of four much easier. I think we all benefited from the tutor as he then had more time to spend with each of us. I would recommend this course to anyone and I really enjoyed it.”

Wayne Mitchelle

Leeds West Yorkshire

” This is a course that is very good for a beginner in plastering or a DIYer. The tutor is a highly skilled professional in this trade, so he can create a relaxed atmosphere.  He gives clear and concise instruction either verbally or by demonstration, no pressure is put on the student due to the encouragement offered to them by the tutor. Thank you for an insight into this craft, your help and advice will be invaluable to me in the future. A course well worth the effort, time and money.”

David Byra

Leeds West Yorkshire

” Had a four day course with C S Plastering over the four days I found it really knowledgeable and learnt a lot about the basics of plastering. Including, mixing , skimming, patch work, preparation of walls and ceilings. The instructor who was teaching us was a very knowledgeable and made it really relaxed atmosphere throughout the course, I would 100% recommend C S Plastering to people who want to take up plastering as a career or just for themselves, many thanks.”

Simon Billingsley

Leeds West Yorkshire

“I took this plastering course with a view to training for a career change and was happy with my choice, the trainer was helpful and friendly and ready to answer any questions I had. The course was well delivered and I feel it has given me a great basis on which to build my skills. ”

Jason Knight

Castleford West Yorkshire

” If you are looking at this website you must be interested in plastering. Like me sceptical you can achieve a great finish in just four days… well you can, really. With C S Plastering School, a knowledgeable instructor and a bit of determination from yourself, you will soon be planning your DIY projects at home and saving money. Give it a go I did money well spent. Thanks.”

Chris leaverland

Leeds West Yorkshire

” A very relaxed way of learning. Very well executed. All the basics covered well at a pace that all ages will cope with, would recommend this plastering course to anyone wanting to gain the confidence to tackle those jobs you never dreamt you could do.”

Mick Williamson 55 Years Old

Leeds West Yorkshire

“Excellent plastering course, good to be able to do on a weekend . Would recommend you do this course if you are wanting to learn plastering, will be back to do advanced, Cheers.”

Gareth Timms

Wakefield West Yorkshire

” A very different Christmas present, reading between the lines I think she wanted the house plastering ! Been a great experience to learn those little touches that make all the difference to how and why you do things in plastering.

I enjoy doing as much myself and plastering has been one of those taboos that I have struggled with all my life, four days is all it took to shed those fears and worries. Many thank for the patience and guidance lets see where this knowledge and skill takes me and I hope to continue to be busy with this very down to earth practical course.”

Andy Wycherley

Normanton West Yorkshire

” I completed the four day plastering course to learn skills to enable me to carry out plastering tasks around my own property initially, before completing the plastering course I only had a basic knowledge of what it entailed. The course was well designed for beginners and I have developed skills required to be a competent plasterer at a very reasonable price. The tutor has a calm and confident teaching manner which I believe helps to get the best out of the students. I would highly recommend this plastering course to anyone wishing to gain more knowledge and become a plasterer.”

” Found the plastering course very helpful and I’m now confident to plaster my own house, the course is split over four days giving a good amount of time to practice new techniques. The instructor is patient, and will make sure you will fully understand each section before moving on.”


Leeds West Yorkshire

” Found the plastering course well worth while, tutor was excellent. I was surprised at how much I could pick up in four days, I know feel confident to tackle small jobs myself.”


Boston Spa Leeds

” This plastering course has been excellent from start to finish you are trained and supervised by a very experienced and skilled professional and because of four trainees with one trainer he could help us individually with things we found harder than others.  Overall an excellent course and I would highly recommend to anyone who is thinking about plastering for the first time. ”

John Murphy

Leeds West Yorkshire

” I have thoroughly enjoyed my four day plastering course with C S Plastering School, the instruction throughout the course was clear and understandable, the instructor taught me all the skills I need as well as things he had learnt over the years as a professional. The facilities are good and well organised, overall I am pleased with my choice to complete this course with C S Plastering School.”

David Kerrigan

Castleford West Yorkshire

” Really enjoyed the plastering course learnt loads of tips and all aspects of the job, the instructor was very patient and explained things well, well worth the money spent and would recommend this to anyone looking to change their career or do more DIY.”

Paul Batley

Normanton West Yorkshire

” I found the plastering course very informative and the instructor delivered beyond my expectation. I feel confident in tackling most of the plastering jobs  I’ve been putting off for years, highly recommended.”


Wakefield West Yorkshire

” I started the course nervous having never attempted plastering before , after the four days plastering course I am confident to go on and do my house to a standard that I would be happy with, the instructor is patient and hands on to show you how to get the best results I would definitely recommend this course.”

Craig Snowden

Leeds West Yorkshire

“Excellent thorough and informal plastering courses covering topics that will help me further DIY on my house . The tutor is a wealth of knowledge demonstrating techniques throughout and continually showing tips that will save time , money and mess ! An enjoyable few days.”     Paul Dunn Leeds West Yorkshire ” Great plastering courses, easy acess M1 / A1 links. Friendly, informative, no pressure tuition. If you want to learn plastering this is the place to be.”  Seonaid McCart – Hebden Bridge West Yorkshire “From the moment I rang about coming on the course I knew I’d found the right place to learn plastering. I was proved right from the beginning of day one to the end of day four. Loved every minute of the plastering course and learned so much, can’t wait to start on some jobs now, Thanks a million.”   Ryan Simmons-Wakefield-West Yorkshire “I have really enjoyed my time at C S Plastering School, it’s been a great experience and I have learnt a New Skill which I am going to further into a career, the instructor is a brilliant teacher and has really helped me during the course”.

Jamie Skelton

Leeds West Yorkshire

“I enrolled on my plastering course at C S Plastering School, in the process of leaving a well paid job in order to set up my own business as a tiler,bathroom fitter and plasterer, I had no experience of plastering at the time and hoped I would be able to learn enough on the course to complete basic tasks. On day one I watched a demonstration by the trainer I became nervous and immediately thought I would not be able to do it,but, by the end of day two I was told that I was producing plastering of a quality which I could confidently charge customers for. As there are only 4 students per trainer we are able to be given accurate and ongoing advice, and the environment was extremely friendly. I have made new friends on the course who I will keep in touch with on a work basis and if asked I will recommend C S Plastering School to anyone wishing to have a career in this field. I can think of no improvements that could be made to the course and wish to thank the trainer for helping my career and future prospects”.

Paul Gibbins

Leeds West Yorkshire

“Very friendly + comfortable atmosphere, Ideal size, Instructor always close by to offer advice. Hands on training from the start would advise anybody thinking of doing a plastering course to look no further than C S Plastering School. I will definitely recommend anyone to go on this course, Thanks Alan Woolley.” 

Alan Wooley

Leeds – West Yorkshire

” I found the plastering course very instructive, step by step,professional,fun,very relaxed atmosphere, helpful and easy to understand. I would recommend this course to anyone interested, money well spent”

Dan Tyrell

Leeds West Yorkshire

” Enjoyed the plastering course, the instructor guided me through step by step calmly and answered any questions throughout. Never felt pressure and feel confident to give it a go!”

Jon Crawford

Mirfield West Yorkshire

” Great plastering course, great tutor, fantastic end results, recommend to anyone wanting to learn plastering.”

Adrian Kaye

Wakefield West Yorkshire

“Learnt a lot in four days, found it good with only a max of four on course so tutor had time to spend with everyone”.

Neil Linstrum

Leeds West Yorkshire

“Really good plastering courses, I now have the ability and confidence to plaster!! The instructor is a good teacher easy to approach and always there to help out when you need it, well worth doing.”

Sean Campbell

Leeds West Yorkshire

“Excellent plastering course providing more than enough knowledge to enable me to finish off those jobs around the house, the instructor has the patience of a saint and probably needs to.”

Russ Fountain

Bradford West Yorkshire

“I have learnt a lot in the four days of the course and now feel confident to undertake jobs at home and along with my job as a plumber.”

James Haran

Wakefield West Yorkshire

“Excellent plastering course/s very informative and gives a very good understanding of the tricks of the trade, Brilliant”.

Ommar Mohammed-Halifax

West Yorkshire

” Very good course course covering all aspects of plastering enabling you at the end of the course to leave confident that you can easily plaster walls and ceilings at home or else where very good instructor very patient enabling you to work at your own pace.”

Dennis Watson

Bradford West Yorkshire

” I wanted to do the plastering course to start earning a living in plastering (watch this space). I came to the course knowing nothing about plastering, but I would gladly go straight home and crack on with confidence!!”.

Claire Mynott- Wakefield

West Yorkshire

“Good instructions at every stage giving a good insight into a underestimated skill. Gives a good knowledge into all aspects of plastering. Good knowledgeable instructor who not only helps with any aspect of the course but also helpful with any questions you may have,well worth doing”.

Gary Scott – Sowerby Bridge

West Yorkshire

” As an electrician, I found the plastering course very helpful and the knowledge I’ve gained will go well towards future work I do. I thought the course lecturer was very helpful and knew everything that there was needed to know to assist me along the way.

I would highly recommend the 2- Day plastering course to fellow electricians who aren’t sure how to plaster up chases they have created, having said that, I still maintain the fact the electricians do electrics and plasterers do the plastering!”

Kev Brook – Leeds

West Yorkshire

” Being held at the weekends was a big bonus for me having to work Mon-Friday, the instructor was excellent and was always at hand if I needed help, the ratio of one instructor per four students really helped.”   Paul Done – Leeds West Yorkshire ” This plastering course was A1 the tutor has great plastering knowledge and is very helpful well worth giving up two weekends for, Thanks.”

Craig Allen

Bradford West Yorkshire

” Well worth doing, well instructed and made easy to carry out with a friendly approach. I will put all I have learnt into practice over the next few months, it will be useful for me at home and at my friends and family homes. A good informal course with attention made to good instruction.”

Phil Fuller

West Yorkshire

“I always wanted to learn plastering, now I have. The course is excellent.” 

Wes Smith

West Yorkshire

“A really useful & thorough plastering course, Teacher very good,explained things excellently and was always on hand to help. I feel I have good enough knowledge & skills after the plastering course to tackle a project on my own. Small class size,4 students this works well as we could get the help we needed from the teacher. I was the only woman on the plastering course but it didn’t make any difference,we were all there to learn!”

Katherine Slater

Bradford-West Yorkshire

” very informative the instructor was very helpful and full of some really good tips covers all aspects of areas you will come across in the field would recommend.”

Steven Wray

Barnsley Halifax West Yorkshire

“The course was very useful, it covered all the basics of plastering in straight forward,easy to learn steps.At the end of it I can’t wait to start on my own house with my new skills, Thanks.”

Pete Wilkie

Pontefract West Yorkshire

“Excellent plastering course instructor always at hand I thoroughly enjoyed the plastering course all practical input which left me confident to tackle any plastering job a definite must.”

Lee Roebuck

Leeds West Yorkshire

“Arriving with no experience the plastering course was excellent giving good procedures and first class training I feel confident to plaster ceilings and walls and achieve excellent results. Lots to learn in four days with an excellent teacher very enjoyable many Thanks.”

David Painter

Leeds West Yorkshire

“Excellent very informative,can’t fault the whole plastering course,relaxed, confidence building. Came knowing nothing left on a real high!!! Thank you”.

Andy Robinson

West Yorkshire

” A good informative plastering course I came away feeling I had the skills and confidence to do plastering for myself and with more practice for paying customers the small class size id s definitely an advantage too.”   James Cox – Huddersfield West Yorkshire “Great plastering course slow and steady just what I needed very well explained and all questions answered really enjoyed highly recommended.”

David Chrisanthou

Bradford West Yorkshire

“Excellent Experience Recommend it to anyone who wants to learn the ‘Art’ of plastering”.

Dave Speight

West Yorkshire

” The plastering course and tutor are fantastic after only 3.5 days intensive course you feel as though you have the confidence to embark on plastering projects. I would definitely recommend this plastering course”.

John Webster – Normanton

West Yorkshire


Binder Bansal- Leeds

West Yorkshire

” Very impressed and very happy, plastering used to frighten me before I attended this course now however I would be more than happy and confident at tackling any plastering job. professional and friendly and very helpful, just a few words spring to mind I definitely would recommend C S Plastering School.”

Kevin Sutcliffe

Pontefract West Yorkshire

” I found the course really good, it was both informative and enjoyable. I feel confident that I could plaster either my own property or someone else’s with a little practice, the instructor was very helpful and four people was about right”.

Craig Barker – Wakefield

West Yorkshire

” Highly recommended, good insight to a highly skilled trade, go away knowing that you can take on a plastering job”

Graham Hooks

Halifax West Yorkshire

“An excellent plastering course and very informative instructor, I came here knowing very little about plastering and can say that on leaving I would feel confident enough to plaster my own house the instructor was very knowledgeable and gave good advise and at no point did I feel pressured as it was a very relaxed training method many Thanks.”

Anthony Coleman

Bradford West Yorkshire

“Excellent plastering course well worth the money great,patient tutoring I now have the confidence to attempt most plastering jobs.”

Mathew Pennington

Wakefield West Yorkshire

“A fantastic plastering course that will leave you feeling capable of getting any job done to a professional standard.”   Brian Findlay – Keighley West Yorkshire “For a 4 day plastering course I learnt so much more than I thought I could have done …..having never plastered before. With the help and guidance from the instructor I was plastering within the first 3 hours! The staff are very friendly and always available to help and answer any questions! I recommend this plastering course to anyone wanting to learn how to plasterer, I know this will help me out in the future, Thanks.” Daniel Kaye – Halifax West Yorkshire “Excellent tuition,didn’t have any experience before this course, now I have the confidence to have a go at any job.”

Simon fittock

Leeds West Yorkshire

“Course spot on gained confidence and skills, you never need to hire a plasterer again!”

Steve Brenton

Featherstone West Yorkshire

“Didn’t think you could learn so much in such a short period of time, friendly and informative instruction willing to answer any questions, Would recommend to anyone.”

Richard Smith


“Excellent plastering course, regret paying £400 for my bathroom plastering last year! Recommended.” Stuart Saville – Leeds West Yorkshire “Good to have low student – teacher ratio, plenty of hands on training that is supervised,+ decent radio station to listen to!”

Paul Barrett

Pontefract West Yorkshire

“Over a 4 day course I found it to be exciting and all hands on, I am extremely satisfied with what I have learned and I am fully confident in putting what I have learned into use, Thank you to C S Plastering School.”

Shaun Best

Normanton West Yorkshire

“Excellent plastering course! I had no previous experience of plastering and now following the four day course I feel confident enough to tackle any plastering job.”

Steven McMillan

Leeds West Yorkshire

“Very helpful plastering course and fairly straight forward, good demonstrations, you get alot of help.”

Wayne Stevens

South Kirkby West Yorkshire

” I’d recommend this plastering course to anyone who wants to start their own business or just wants to do their own house, the weekend course is fun and informative excellent training.”

Khalil Rashid

Heckmondwike West Yorkshire

” Found the plastering course really helpful and encouraging , great tutor, good to have small group.” Mark Johnson – South Kirikby West Yorkshire “The best £300 pound I have ever spent. The plastering course is very informative, relaxed and enjoyable. I cant believe that after four days I’m plastering 12ft walls with no problems. The tutor is a true professional. I challenge anyone to find a better plastering course. Thanks to the instructor for all your help and priceless tips.” Gaz Bell – Pontefract West Yorkshire ” All I can say is I wish I had done this plastering course last year as I planned. The instructor is fantastic, calm and extremely knowledgeable with 20 years experience and it shows! I am now going to go away with what I have learned to do up my new house, hopefully saving thousands in the long run. Money well spent and an extremely pleasurable experience.”

Oliver Mollyneux

Leeds West Yorkshire

“A well instructed course in plastering skills carried out on a one to one tutor to four candidate basis. I feel I have gained the necessary skills during this course to be confident to carry out plastering tasks on a professional level. The facilities are more than adequate and the tutoring was carried out on a professional level and I have no recommendations to put forward regarding improvement”.

Howard Sugden

West Yorkshire

” I got what I expected from the course “Even after the course help is only a phone call away if needed. Currently in the process of starting part-time business looking to go full time early 2007. Done several jobs already for family & friends.”

Paul Jones

West Yorkshire

” I thought the plastering course was great , I didn’t think it would be possible to learn so much in such a short space of time. Would recommend the plastering course to anyone.”

Michael Tomlinson

Castleford West Yorkshire

“Very informative, right great group size, you get a detailed demo…which leaves you with the confidence to tackle the job at hand. 5 Stars would recommend this plastering course to anyone.”

John Stakes

Wakefield West Yorkshire

” An excellent plastering course from start to finish began learning from the word go with excellent guidance and instruction. Left feeling confident about the work I wanted to do. Would recommend this plastering course to anyone.” Jonathan Rostron – Wakefield West Yorkshire ” I did the plastering course because I wanted to be able to do small repairs and gain a competence with a trowel and mortar. I’ve learnt so much more and am delighted with what I can do now- the tuition is superb and I can now plaster walls and ceilings from scratch using board and skim or undercoat and skim. I learnt how to use beading as well. The instructor is a great teacher really patient and its never a rush. A really enjoyable and useful plastering course. “

Andy Knudsen – Hebden bridge

West Yorkshire

” A good plastering course I would recommend it to anyone, wanting to learn a new trade or just wanting to do DIY around the house. The instructor is great at showing good techniques and tricks of the trade. Feel confident of taking on some work that is planned. Don’t have to rush while learning, highly recommended.”

Lee Simpson

Keighley West Yorkshire

” Just taken the plastering advanced course after taking the four day plastering course, and I would highly recommend it to anyone. I’ve learnt how to do arched ways, barreled ceilings and shown how to put up coving, highly recommended very good teacher.”

“Great experience learned lots would recommend to anyone.”

Wayne Hodgson – Wakefield

West Yorkshire

” Good plastering course, get a lot of one on one time with only 4 people. Good to find out all the types of mortar and different applications.”

Mark Goldsmith

Kippax West Yorkshire

” Enjoyable friendly two weekend plastering course, informative and friendly environment. Good instructor, very patient and helpful.”

Khalid Khan

Leeds West Yorkshire

” Great plastering course, Great tutor, I’m ready to plaster everything! ” Adrian Freeman – Leeds West Yorkshire ” Excellent plastering training well explained & demonstrated.” David Copley – Leeds West Yorkshire ” The plastering course was very informative and thorough the instructor had a lot of patience and explained everything clearly with good demonstrations. Although I wasn’t the quickest to pick up the plastering skills , the instructor didn’t make me feel pressured and helped out when I needed it. I’m going to use these new skills in the future to help my family and friends and will send anybody wanting to do this type of course to C S Plastering.”

John McCann

Bradford West Yorkshire

” Money well spent, whether you decide to have a crack at plastering for a living or just doing a few jobs for family and friends, the aching limbs will be worth it.”

Andy Kilbride

Garforth West Yorkshire

“After just two weekends with the instructors guidance, I have the confidence to professionally plaster a room. The plastering course has already paid for itself and I couldn’t be happier with the results, Many Thanks .”

Julian Maurice

Leeds West Yorkshire

“I found the plastering course enjoyable, will be very useful, I learnt a lot, was no pressure I felt at ease- the instructor was very helpful and always there at hand, all round good experience.”

Mark Birkett

Leeds West Yorkshire

” I would strongly recommend this plastering school to anybody who is looking to learn, whether beginner or refreshing your knowledge. Very friendly atmosphere and helpful,any questions were answered well and demonstrated where possible. Thoroughly enjoyed my time and learnt a lot.”

James Boothroyd

Huddersfield West Yorkshire

” Never plastered before, tuition brilliant, friendly atmosphere. Very satisfied as I can now plaster to a good standard.” Ian Brown – Knottingley West Yorkshire ” The instructor was very informative and very patient, taught me everything I expected out of the plastering course, I will plaster things at home with no issues (I hope) I would recommend this plastering course to anyone who is willing to give it a go!!” Sarah Robert – Featherstone West Yorkshire ” The plastering course is fantastic, great tutor, great value. Cant wait to book and complete the plastering advanced course, feeling really confident now. “

Dougie Allison

Leeds West Yorkshire

” Great plastering course easy access well explained answered all questions and well taught.”

Steve Edmonds

West Yorkshire

” Great plastering course, learnt all the skills and tips that can only be gained from years of experience. Plus the instructor is a genuinely nice guy which is hard to find.”

Simon Newton

West Yorkshire

” A really great plastering course, teaching is top notch and I now feel confident to go and plaster by myself.”

Ben Locke

Leeds West Yorkshire

” Nice and thorough, from surface prep to more advanced spreading , feathering and patching techniques. Learnt lots and would be happy to come back for the advance plastering course one day, tutor knows his trade. “ Luke Newbould – Leeds West Yorkshire ” I would and will recommend this plastering course to people, fantastic tutor, very calm and helpful and incredibly talented, learning here was made fun and yet remained very comprehensive. If you are thinking of taking this plastering course I can whole heatedly say ‘ just Do It’ You will not be disappointed, best money I ever spent.”

Pete Harris

Bradford West Yorkshire

” Tutor was very informative and very patient taught me everything I expected from the plastering course, I will plaster things at home with no issues. I would recommend to anyone who’s willing to give it a go. “

Ian Brown

Knottingley West Yorkshire

” A good plastering course to do interesting and a good set up, I’ve learnt the basics of plastering and feel confident to do my own jobs now and also do my own plastering jobs instead of paying someone. All in all I’m pleased I decided to take the plastering course. I can now get a professional finish every time. “

Tom Monaghan

Leeds West Yorkshire

“Very informative plastering course, Plastering made easy. I now have the confidence to go and start plastering. My look knowing it will have a professional finish, Many Thanks. “

Kristian Hinchcliffe

Wakefield West Yorkshire

” ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC PLASTERING COURSE ! £300 well spent. Learnt alot about plastering, all different types of techniques, not knowing how to plaster at all but after this I can now put it in the real world and hopefully earn some cash. tutor is very calm and has plenty of time for each individual. GET ON THIS PLASTERING COURSE AND GET PLASTERED !! 🙂 THANKS. Matthew Jones – Leeds West Yorkshire ” Great week of boarding, skimming, floating, patching and feathering with plenty of direction and advise resulting in leaving the plastering course being able to do my own plastering. Great plastering course.” Ryan Redmond – Leeds West Yorkshire ” Very good plastering course, with great advise throughout. I now feel like I would challenge all plastering jobs big and small. Thank you.”

Oliver Littlewood

Leeds West Yorkshire

” Great instructor, pace of the plastering course was spot on. Takes time to ensure you get the different techniques right, this plastering course has given me the skills & confidence to tackle those jobs I wouldn’t have dared to ! Many Thanks “

Duncan Sutcliffe

Ferrybridge West Yorkshire

” I had a great time from start to finish, learnt alot, the tutor is a great teacher, I have picked up a lot of great tips there is no pressure it’s a friendly environment to come into, give it a go! ”

Domonic Finnigan

Wakefield West Yorkshire

” Excellent Plastering course with an experienced, professional, well presented with step by step demo’s. No question deemed stupid and all answered with demo and instruction. Highly recommend and will definitely doing the advanced plastering course, left with total confidence.”

Pete Younger

Snaith West Yorkshire

” A great plastering course with a great instructor. I may not have the speed or strength of the lads doing the course, but the instructors patient & very helpful. I now have the confidence to tackle my own home. I’ll even give the ceilings a go ! ”

Heather Trott

Leeds West Yorkshire

” Brilliant plastering course content from preparation to mixing, skimming, to polishing. Amazed at the quality of my work great trainer who has given me the confidence to tackle plastering jobs at home. “

Mark Scott

Bradford West Yorkshire

” A great few days, I thought there would be no way I could get to the level I have in such a short space of time. Lovely relaxed teaching approach from start, I felt very welcomed.”

Michael Astbury

Leeds West Yorkshire

” Wow what a great plastering course didn’t know anything about plastering before this course so glad I booked now will be able to skim my room and many more, thank you.”

Michael Smith

Leeds West Yorkshire

” If someone said that you could go from no experience in plastering in such a short space of time I wouldn’t believe them, but this plastering course does exactly what it says it will. Expert trainer, fantastic facilities, great location. An absolute must if you are thinking of it.”

Nathan Parkinson

Leeds West Yorkshire

” Fantastic plastering course great teacher ! didn’t think I would get to the standard I have in such a short space of time , but it really is a professional finish. Great plastering course, great tuition simply brilliant. Thanks Gareth.”

Gareth Hanson

Bradford West Yorkshire

” Excellent teacher has given me so much confidence to go and get straight into it, thanks to C S Plastering School THANK YOU.”

Glenn Gibson

Wakefield West Yorkshire

” I’ve had a good time on the plastering course, really good tutor feel like I can do all my plastering at home now, thanks.”

Michael Adam

Leeds West Yorkshire

” Excellent plastering course taught by a great teacher, cannot believe how much I have learnt in a short period. I have the confidence to take plastering jobs of my own. Highly recommended. “

Ryan Prince

Featherstone West Yorkshire

” This plastering. Course is worth every penny, learnt loads just from one day and the tutor is very helpful and clear how to do stuff, I’d recommend this plastering course to Anybody wanting to learn to plaster, thanks for help I now feel confident to plaster my own house. “

Chris Rollins

Halifax West Yorkshire

” Great plastering course, very thorough content and 100% pleased with my result. If you are thinking of doing this plastering course just do it, the tutor is a great teacher and has endless patience. I will be happy to tackle any plastering job at home ( and maybe charge a few friends). ”

Andrew Polts

Leeds West Yorkshire